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Beyond Bespoke Jewellery

Maison Edeenne - Bague Eden - Or blanc diamant
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Vendome column drawing with gouache

High Jewellery

High Jewellery Pieces of Maison Édéenne tell stories, those from Maison Édéenne universe or from personal stories transformed into one-of-a-kind Jeweller's Portraits, or from the collaboration with prestigious brands.

La Maison

Discover Maison Édéenne's philosophy from the outset.

Edeenne - White Anemone by Pierre Choniere
Edeenne private meeting

Bespoke Jewellery

Jeweller's Portrait

Named "an explorer of the human soul", Édéenne thoroughly listens to one's story, culls the essence of their character or moments of their life and transposes them into symbols enhanced with gold and gemstones.


Immersing yourself into Maison Édéenne creations, "a genuine treasury trove to look forward to, that make our world a more beautiful, more fascinating and more enjoyable place to live".

Edeenne - BO Buttlerflies


Let's take the opportunity of our events to meet. In or outside France, please find the location of our coming events.

Contact Us

Each of your projects is an experience that we strive to make exceptional. To share your wishes, please contact us.

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