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La Maison

La Maison

La Maison

Our ambition is to bear witness to the exceptional in each of us.




Founded in Paris in 2003, Maison Édéenne produces unique pieces of High Jewellery using a unique approach that reshapes the world of traditional jewellery.


Her bejewelled sculptures celebrate the personal stories of her private clients, drawing on a collective psyche to construct universes or reveal the values of the leading brands that commission her. 

The Origin of our Maison

The Dive

It was during her first dive that Édéenne's fate was sealed. Finding herself disoriented by a whirlpool, she rose to the surface too quickly. To combat decompression and despite her panic, she was obliged to dive back down. 


There, at the bottom of Lake Maggiore, time stood still. Rays from the northern Italian sun pierced the lake surface to create an underwater rainbow. Stones were suddenly transformed into diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds.


For Édéenne this was a sign: she would become jeweller.


Combining her natural bold spirit and her studies in Science followed by French-inspired Art, she forged new ways of thinking about High Jewellery.

The House of Jewellery

Works from Maison Édéenne have been exhibited throughout the world: twice at the Musée de la Légion d'Honneur and once at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, at Wako in Tokyo and at the TEFAF in Maastricht.

In 2013, Édéenne was commissioned to create the collection commemorating the 400th anniversary of the High Jewellery House Mellerio dits Meller. One year later, in 2014, she transposed Chinese legends into entrancing pieces for Lane Crawford, the luxurious department store un Hong Kong.

Edeenne exhibition at th Musée de la Légiond'Honneur

Édéenne in the World

Lauded as the "New Legend of the Place Vendôme" by the Departure magazine in 2009, she has also been celebrated in Vogue and the New York Times. In the Tribune des Arts (Geneva), in 2005, Éric Valdieu named her as one of the four women to have made their mark in the history of High Jewellery since 1900. In the summer of 2017, she was one of the "New Gem Stars" mentioned by Vivienne Becker in the Financial Times.


In 2017, Édéenne was honoured with the first retrospective of her work in her home country, presented by the Bank of Montreal in collaboration with the Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal.

The House - Post Slideshow



Marie de Medicis Neckcollar by Edeenne for Mellerio dits Meller Picture Pierre Choiniere

Savoir-faire has meaning only if it serves Art and Poetry.



Technical Innovations

Maison Édéenne constantly pushes the boundaries of jewellery expertise.

Mastery. Without a single mount of claw, the L'Élue pendant reveals the Excalibur sword with the point clearly plunged into a 125-carat citrine, an impressive technical achievement.

Edeenne Excalibur Pendent The One


Bejewelled Sculptures

Edeenne Four Seasons Collar Summer version

Édéenne transcends matter itself. Pierced stones, ebony and coral are transformed into unique, intriguing sculptures. 

In tribute to Canada on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. 

Pearls, turquoise, carnelian or amber and white jade evoke the four seasons with buds, leaves or snow that transform according to her desire on the ebony branch dotted with black diamonds.


Mechanical Pieces

Over the years, Édéenne started to animate her pieces using increasingly sophisticated mechanisms...

Much like the petals of this lotus which revolve elegantly, the ballet of the corolla reveals a pearl of white jade.

Edeenne - Lotus ring fo Lane Crawford
Edeenne - Lotus ring for Lane Crawford


Edeenne - Traine de corsage for Mellerio dits Meller

Nouveaux Portés

For Édéenne, the relationship to the body is important. Instinctively, she invents new portés.

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of Mellerio dits Meller, Édéenne designed a dragnet suspended mysteriously by an invisible system. A cascade of pearls gracefully accompanies every gesture of the woman wearing it.


Bearer of Meaning

"...To translate, based on unique expertise, the emotions of another so as to pay tribute to the beauty of life."

Michèle Dionne

Edeenne - Koi ring - Travel Diaries

The Koï ring plays with the transparency of a rock crystal pond and bubbles of diamonds. The fish looks at itself in a golden mirror. A reinterpretation of vanity, it reminds us that each instant is fleeting, and thus precious.

Édéenne - 2018 All right reserved

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