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The Jeweller's Portrait

Bespoke Jewellery

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Jacques Ménard,

Président, BMO Groupe Financier, Québec

Édéenne is an explorer of the human soul.

Le Sur-Mesure par Édéenne

When Vermeer, Rembrandt, Ingres or Dali painted portraits of their collectors, they revealed the soul of each one on canvases that went on to become masterpieces.

Today, Édéenne draws inspiration from this great tradition. In the privacy of her workshop, she receives each client and listens to their history. Based on their tale, she culls the essence of their character or moments of their life and transposes them into symbols enhanced with gold and gemstones.

Every Édéenne creation is the crystallization of a meeting, an experience, suspended in time.

Private Collection

Eau de Roche

Collection Privée

Eau de Roche

... to finally reveal itself, as clear as spring water.

... for seven years. And love takes root without their realizing it...

A man and a woman, working in the same place, speak and exchange views...

Jeweller's Portrait - Eau de Roche

Private Collection


...but we are ofter tossed about by its meandering. The love in one's heart can waver like a diamond not set, it needs protection.

Life can sometimes seem so simple, almost as though sketched out...


During an appointment, Édéenne listens closely and immerses herself in each story, gathering the desires, secrets, high points and intimate moments. Then, in the privacy of her workshop, she transposes them into a piece of jewellery, laden with symbols and emotions.

Jeweller's Portrait - Labyrinth

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