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Our Creative Universe

Our new creations always draw on our collective psyche, the psyche that binds us together, to enrich our universe and awaken in each person an intimate response.


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Created from an extremely personal interpretation  of tales and legends, films - a special feature of her work - or travels, Maison Édéenne jewellery elicits extremely intimate buried memories, thereby expressing values that are necessarily universal.



In 2011, Maison Édéenne re-interpreted the story of Cinderella in its Fairy Tales collection.

The Secret

Invisible when the ring is on the finger, we can choose to reveal the message, or not...

The Ring

We all have secrets. You have to be very close with someone to share them.

Our Universes - Cinderella

The Envol

Symbol of Tenacity

Butterflies are a definitive part of the Édéenne vocabulary. A symbol of tenacity rather than rebirth, the Monarch butterfly migrates from Mexico to Canada in 9 months, covering 3 generations. It is represented in several pieces, whether worn on the hand, as part of a tiara, or in an even more surprising way.

The Envol Necklace

An emblematic piece, a simple flight of 37 butterflies on a woman's breast, including 10 that vibrate "en tremblant".


Resting on one's hand, all landed to form a tiara or flitting on one's wrist, the butterfly symbol can take a number of variations to address one's wishes and create one-of-a-kind pieces of High Jewellery.

The Édéenne Universe

Édéenne presents the pieces of her collections upon request at exhibitions in museums, at conferences or private events. 

She also presents her work upon appointment at her design studio.

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