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Exploring the Soul of the Grandes Maisons

As with my private clients, the leading Houses have extraordinary tales to tell and core values to convey.


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Édéenne for the Grandes Maisons

When working with the Grandes Maisons, Édéenne dives into their archives to sound their foundations. She deciphers their codes and values, and immerses herself in their DNA.

Édéenne for Mellerio dits Meller

The Marie de Médicis Neck Collar

A first in the jewellery world: a lace neck collar to highlight a dainty neck, like the caress of a man's hand. 

More than 5000 hours of work to produce this articulated golden adornment, sparkling with diamonds, pearls and old rubies.


At the request of the Mellerio dits Meller House, in commemoration of their 400th anniversary, Édéenne produced a collection of 25 pieces, acclaimed by the press worldwide.

In tribute to Marie de Medicis, Édéenne celebrated grace and femininity, most notably with a unique High Jewellery item.

Édéenne for Lane Crawford

At the invitation of the luxury department store Lane Crawford, Maison Édéenne drew its inspiration from Chinese legends and folk tales. Seven mechanical pieces combined French savoir-faire and the Asian emblematic stone of jade.

One of the pieces represents the Bullfrog, considered an extremely powerful animal in China because every morning, it swallows the moon and frees it at night to the joy of its people.

Édéenne and the Grandes Maisons

Upon request, to help others appreciate the full unique value of the jewellery, Maison Édéenne storytellers can reproduce the creative process of these collections' pieces, deciphering the sources of inspiration that led to their production and highlighting the workshops' expertise as well as the quality of the stones used in their design.

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