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Enhancing Each Story

Enhancing Each Story

My work consists in transforming into a piece of High Jewellery the things that move me in the tales, the stories, that people share with me.


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The Jeweller's Portrait

When Vermeer, Rembrandt, Ingres or Dali painted portraits of their collectors, they revealed the soul of each one on canvases that went on to become masterpieces.

Today, Édéenne draws inspiration from this great tradition. In the privacy of her workshop, she receives each client and listens to their history. Based on their tale, she culls the essence of their character or moments of their life and transposes them into symbols enhanced with gold and gemstones.

Every Édéenne creation is the crystallization of a meeting, an  experience, suspended in time.

Bespoke Jewellery


Our Creative Universe

Created from an extremely personal interpretation of tales and legends, films - a special feature of her work - or travels. Maison Édéenne jewellery elicits extremely intimate buried memories, thereby expressing values that are necessarily universal.


Exploring the soul of the Grandes Maisons

When working with the Grandes Maisons, Édéenne dives into their archives to sound their foundations. She deciphers their codes and values, and immerses herself in their DNA.

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